Jaguar hasn't released U.S. sales results for the month of October, but the ones for November show improvement in Jaguar I-PACE sales.

Editor's update: We've just learned that Jaguar actually sold 306 I-Pace crossovers in October 2019, which beats November's number and means two positive sales months in a row. 

The British brand managed to sell 306 I-PACE (at a record 13.0% share in Jaguar brand) in October and 270 (up 64% year-over-year) in November, which are the two best results ever.

Since the overall Jaguar sales went down by 7% in November (to 2,958), I-PACE share stands at 9.1%.

Jaguar I-PACE sales in U.S. - November 2019


The I-PACE is quite an exclusive EV, as just 2,800+ are driving in the U.S., but it's a noticeable slice of the pie for the Jaguar brand.

We are especially interested to see the December result. Usually, EVs were selling better towards the end of the year. Part of that was a quicker $7,500 federal tax credit refund for the outgoing year.

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