Who wants a pink, coral or purple Cybertruck?

Forget stainless steel. Here you can see the Tesla Cybertruck in hues like green, white, black, blue and even pink. Just imagine a pink pickup truck.

In stainless steel, the Tesla Cybertruck presents itself with a bold, new outward appearance. For some, this look has gone from strikingly bad, to acceptable, to give me that stainless electric pickup truck now.

For others though, the stainless exterior is just a bit too over the top. Luckily, there are countless photoshopped versions of the Cybertruck in different colors, including matte black, white orange, green blue and not even our first look at a pink Cybertruck has surfaced (see gallery below).

Gallery: Colorful Tesla Cybertruck

The angular lines of the Tesla Cybertruck will make wrapping it very easy, so we suspect that will be the option most buyers will take if they prefer the truck in a hue other than its standard steel appearance. 

Paint is an option too, though that makes it difficult to change colors over time. Tesla CEO Elon Musk did state that colors such as matte black would be offered, but he didn't say if that would be a paint color or a factory wrap, we suspect the later, as stainless steel is not often painted and it's surely a complex and sort of pointless process.

Perhaps a wrap and a change in color just isn't enough. That's okay as there are some radically different renders of the Tesla Cybertruck too, like this supreme off-roader below:



In bullet form, here are some of the major specs for the Tesla Cybertruck:

  • 500-mile range or possibly even more
  • Seating for up to six
  • Starting price of under $40,000
  • Performance of a Porsche 911
  • Meet or beat both the Ram and Ford F-150

Video description via Consumer EV on YouTube:

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