The new BMW X5 xDrive45e plug-in hybrid, with industry-leading 24 kWh battery, attracts a lot of interest and in November 2019, it was the top-selling plug-in in Belgium.

The total number of new passenger plug-in registrations was 1,471 (up 34% year-over-year) at a strong 4.2% market share. Two-thirds of those sales were plug-in hybrids.

The new X5 noted 206 registrations - enough to jump to #17 for the year. We suppose that the X5 might soon be one of the top plug-in hybrids in other markets too, as up to 67-87 km (41.6-54 miles) of WLTP all-electric range is a really good option.

With 15,566 new plug-in registrations over 11 months of 2019, Belgium is on the rise. The market share of 3.0% is also pretty encouraging.

The detailed stats by the EV Sales Blog shows that the Tesla Model 3 remains the sole leader of the market (despite slower deliveries in November).

A quick look at the table reveals that besides high presence of PHEVs, there is a lot of premium/more expensive models in the top 20:


Source: EV Sales Blog

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