This is truly so crazy and weird. You may have to be a really hardcore Tesla fan and absolutely love the polarizing Cybertruck to move you to play with your food (perhaps not, who knows). This reminds us of the younger kid brother in "A Christmas Story."

Sure, people may be irritated that we're sharing this, but art is art right. Just the fact that someone can make such a creation with mashed potatoes is kinda cool, but more importantly, the fact that they chose the Tesla Cybertruck as their inspiration is much more compelling.

Let's first make it clear that we don't condone or appreciate people playing with their food. That's not the point here at all. 

What's the point then?

Well, love it or hate it, the Tesla Cybertruck has taken the world by storm. Yes, this unusual, nutso creation is surely the "talk of the town," so to speak.Twitter user Dan Milano of NowThis News posted:


We definitely gotta love gravy in all aspects of the word. As an aside, let's give some due credit to this guy's mashed potato Tesla Cybertruck? Could you pull that off?!

In the end, aside from us at IEV continuing to share crazy stuff daily, the point is that Tesla is proving to take the world by storm. The company will not only push for itself but also prove to promote EV adoption in general. Way to go!

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Video Description via Super Hot Videos on YouTube:

A Tesla Cybertruck made out of mashed potatoes

Does a side dish taste better when it's in the shape of Elon Musk's #Tesla #Cybertruck? @DanMilanoHere's brother Greg knows the answer after hours of making a "mashterpiece."

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