Can the Tesla Cybertruck truly tackle the tough stuff in off-road situations? This video takes us on a dive into the specs to see just how rugged the Cybertruck really is.

We all know how well Teslas perform on the road. In fact, there have been countless beatdowns by Teslas at the drag strip. The Model S, Model X and even the Model 3 almost always seem to come out on top. And now, with the debut of the Tesla Cybertruck and its claimed 0 to 60 MPH of just 2.9 seconds in top-spec form, the truck will dominate at the strip too.

However, this is a truck, not a car. For trucks, 0 to 60 MPH time is far less important than towing or off-roading, so we wonder, how well will the Cybertruck tackle the dirt, gravel and other rough stuff found off the beaten path.

For an answer, we turn it over to the truck guys and this episode that focuses on the Cybertruck's specs as they pertain to off-roading. Since nobody wants a sissy truck, let's explore the Cybertrucks specs to see if it stacks up.

Will it off-road? Watch the video for some insights into the potential for Tesla's truck once it's off the tarmac.

Video description via TFLoffroad on You Tube:

Exactly how well will the Tesla Cybertruck head off-road? We look at the numbers and find out.


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