The design of the Tesla Cybertruck continues to be discussed. Beyond the necessarily subjective aesthetic judgments, a more in-depth analysis shows, however, how aerodynamically efficient these flat and angular shapes might be. 

And in any case, its originality seems to have already conquered several hearts, according to at least the reservations that just days ago touched 250,000. Not bad considering the 2 years of waiting, even if you have to keep in mind the deposit of only 100 dollars.

The first aerodynamic evaluation

The first technical analyzes by Justin Martin, carried out "at a distance" through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) programs, or systems that, through simulations, allow analyzing the aerodynamic behavior of a car without resorting to wind tunnel tests, apparently confirm solid results. 


Tesla Cybertruck, l'aerodinamica è efficiente

It must be said that Martin did not conduct tests on an original specimen nor could he have access to plans and drawings, but he limited himself (so to speak) to reconstruct the dimensions, proportions and shapes of the pickup through analysis of the many videos and images. Even the wheels are "estimated", which is why the enterprising engineer has preferred not to communicate the exact data given the lack of details.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Aerodynamics

Air friendly

The secret to good aerodynamic efficiency is to make sure that the air flows run along the bodywork, without detaching from it, because if the detachment occurs, turbulence is created that can hinder the progress. The images created by the program show instead that the flows do not stand out from the lines of the Cybertruck, even in the traditionally difficult (for pickup trucks) area of ​​the box, thanks to the coverage conceived by the Californian technicians.

Tesla Cybertruck, l'aerodinamica è efficiente

Even the top of the roof, so angular, seems to work very well in terms of air flows. This data, if confirmed also on definitive and real models, would highlight how Tesla did not focus only on the emotional aspect, even with angular lines and with a medium of really remarkable dimensions.

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