With the debut of the Tesla Cybertruck, a whole new world of videos, renders and the like have sprung to life.

It's as though we just can't get enough of this all-new and highly unique truck. From fake towing challenges against a Ford F-450 Super Duty, the rendered police trucks, Cybertruck station wagon and so on, there's a new king of the render artists/video maker crowd and it's the Tesla Cybertruck.

This latest video features very crude-looking Tesla Cybertruck that's spotted by the police and then chased down. During the chase, the Cybertruck has more than a few mishaps, yet it remains intact. We don't expect the real-life Cybertruck to survive this sort of abuse, but clearly its ruggedness and durability will be the center of attention and that's likely the point of this video.

Even if there's zero connection to reality here, it's still entertaining to watch the truck flip, smash, crash, jump and more. Even more exciting perhaps is that the Cybertruck is drawing all sorts of attention, even from those with zero interest in electric cars.

Video description via Mighty Punch on YouTube: 

A fake Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted by the police in the mountain roads causing a police car chase that ends with the imitation Tesla driving off a cliff, but surviving the fall, without shattering the windows, windshield, or solar panel!

Next, the "CyberTruck" loses control while speeding down the steep, downhill streets of San Francisco! Check out the fun simulated car crashes and rollovers with a Tesla Cybertruck look-alike model car with amazing, dynamic soft-body physics simulated in BeamNG.drive, a vehicle simulation capable of doing just about anything!

Note: No Vehicles were harmed in the making of this vehicle!

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