Watch this video showing a Chevy purposely fly by a Tesla to get in front of it and brake check it big time. In fact, a collision seems imminent, but then Chevy driver switches lanes and eventually speeds away.

Once again Tesla's unique onboard dashcam, called Teslacam, comes to the rescue. The license plate is clearly visible (see the gallery below) and the lead up to the brake-checking basically proves that the Tesla did nothing wrong and did not entice this ridiculous behavior from the driver of the Chevrolet.

Gallery: Chevy Brake Checks A Tesla

Were it not for the cameras, it would be hard to prove that the driver of this Chevy purposedly made it so that the Tesla would likely rear-end it (perhaps an actual crash wasn't the real intent, but it's an expected outcome).

As you'll witness in the video (around 40 seconds in), the Chevy was apparently stalking the Tesla before passing it, cutting over and slamming on the brakes. The Tesla did somehow manage to stop in time, so it didn't rear-end the brake-checking Chevy.

However, it's clear from the video that the driver at fault in the one in the Chevy. His/her actions are reckless and dangerous. And there's no reason for this level of ridiculousness on the roads.

So, stop. Stop driving like this and please consider the lives of others.

Video description via Daniel Spalding on YouTube:

For unknown reasons, a car pulled in front of me last week and brake checked me before speeding off.

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