The above video is arguably the best we've seen to date in terms of showing how Tesla's Smart Summon technology works. YouTuber Kevin Rooke puts his Model 3 and the autonomous "self-parking" technology to the test by setting up obstacle courses.

When the Smart Summon technology first debuted in September, many people were immediately impressed. However, others noted that it was quirky in certain situations. Consumer Reports wasn't happy with it at all. In fact, CR called it "glitchy" and without benefits.

After a few days passed, complaints caused the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to take notice. Essentially the organization put Tesla on notice and said it would be keeping tabs. NHTSA promised to intervene if it found that Tesla Smart Summon was leading to safety risks.

Not long after all of this, Tesla continued to update the technology. Since then, we haven't heard much. If NHTSA has intervened, it hasn't made the news. Is this because Smart Summon's initial problems have been solved? Is the semi-autonomous technology now working as advertised?

Check out the video above to see the technology in action. If you've used it, we'd like to hear about your experiences in the comment section.

Video Description via Kevin Rooke on YouTube:

How Does Tesla's Smart Summon Work?

I put Tesla's Smart Summon feature to the test this week to learn more about how it worked

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