This may well be the first real leaked imaged of the hugely anticipated Tesla pickup truck called the Tesla Cybertruck. But is it the real deal?

***UPDATE: New Tesla teaser video added further down below.

Take a look at the two images below courtesy of





There's no way to verify the authenticity of these images, but they do fit the Cybertruck design attributes mentioned by Musk.

If we are indeed looking at the actual tesla Cybertruck, then perhaps it's the rear of the truck. It does have that armored personnel carrier from the future appearance to it, as mentioned by Musk.

It reminds us a bit of a stealth bomber too, but if you examine the image closely, it seems there may be some sort fo differential lurking underneath there and that wouldn't fit with what we've come to expect from electric vehicles.

New Tesla teaser video released:


Elon Musk previously mentioned that the Tesla Truck will not look out of place in the set of the sci-fi Blade Runner franchise.

It seems Musk may have shown the tesla truck to the world back in April of this year. More details here.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just announced (October 13, 2019) that the upcoming Tesla electric pickup truck actually resembles some sort of armored military personnel carrier. 

We'll find out later tonight if this is indeed the real deal when the Tesla truck gets debuted. You can watch the livestream of the event here

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