Dutch company EVBox announced a milestone of 100,000 charging points installed (mostly AC and over 1,500 DC fast chargers) in more than 55 countries. Those were commercial, residential, business and public charging points.

The growth of the business is tremendous, considering that in 2015 the total number was at 20,000. The goal is to add at least 900,000 more or a full million by 2025.

"From 2015 to 2019 EVBox grew its total network by 400% in just four years (from 20,000 to 100,000 charging points) and will not stop to provide the infrastructure needed to ensure that sustainable electric transportation will become the norm in the mobility industry in the coming years. To achieve this mission, EVBox has committed to having at least one million EV charging stations, both regular and fast, placed globally by 2025."

From now on, EVBox will plant one tree for every new charging point they install globally. In 2018, already 15,000 were planted.

"As part of the OneChargerOneTree initiative, EVBox will partner up once again with several amazing reforestation partners around the world (including OneTreePlanted) to make this promise a reality. At the beginning of the year, EVBox already acted upon previous promises by planting one tree for every charging station that was sold in 2018. To support local reforestation organizations, EVBox will collaborate with organizations across all continents."

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox said:

"Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. It’s what drives us, our partners and our customers day by day. Last year, we planted 15,000 trees. By achieving this great milestone of 100,000 charging points worldwide, we pledge to plant one tree for every new charging point. Electrifying transport is at the core of what we do, with this initiative we also show just how important it is for us to give back to our planet."

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