It's believed that the driver of the Peterbilt semi-truck was texting or at least distracted at the time of the collision into the rear of the Tesla Model 3.

In slow-moving, stop-and-go traffic on the expressway, this imposing Peterbilt semi-truck forgot to hit the brakes in time to prevent a collision with the stopped Model 3.

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We have to assume that the semi-truck driver was distracted and therefore didn't see that traffic ahead had once again come to a stop. However, it's not clear from the video that the driver of the Peterbilt was texting (as the video title implies). Perhaps the truck driver admitted to this after pulling over?

As the Model 3 driver states, "Luckily, this was in slow traffic!" Had it occurred at speed, the damage surely would've been much more severe. Grab a look at the gallery above to see shots of the impact, as well as the externally visible damage to the Model 3. Given the weight of the semi-truck, we assume there may be some hidden damage too.

Video title and description via C on YouTube:

New Tesla rear-ended by texting semi-truck driver

Luckily this was in slow traffic!


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