This video features the craziest Tesla Model S we've ever seen. It lacks a body and has virtually no interior, yet it still drives and maintains the old school Tesla nosecone. See it in motion right here.


Ray4Tesla asks: "What's this guy done to his Tesla Model S?" We haven't a clue as to why he stripped it down to just the essentials, but it sure does provide us with the most unique looks yet at the underpinnings, chassis and various components of the Model S.

Gutted Model S

Unfortunately, this bonkers Model S leaves us with more questions than answers, as nobody seems to have a clue as to why it was hacked up so much. However, it is sort of nifty to see that even with so much removed, the car is still drivable. Additionally, this cutaway car shows precisely what going electric means in that the number of required components seems tiny compared to say a gasoline car.

However, we do wonder about the safety level of this gutted Model S. It's surely not street legal in this form though and even if the idea is to make it light for racing, this car wouldn't be even close to safe on the drag strip, so what's the real purpose of this stripped-down Model S? Leave us your guess in comments. Maybe someone knows what's really going on here.

Gutted Model S
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