Watch as a police cruiser activates its lights and siren to get a Tesla to pull over, but then the police vehicle proceeds on. Why did the police do this?

The video claims the police are abusing authority here, but we can't be certain that's the case. It could be that the police officer intended to pull over the Tesla, but then a more urgent call or matter popped up. This would've had the same result as seen in the video above.

Gallery: Police Force Tesla Off Highway

What strikes us as a bit odd though is that the police cruiser makes certain that the Tesla fully exits the highway before the police officer decides to veer across a solid line back onto the expressway. This was a risky move by the police since traffic seems quite heavy and this sort of lane crossing could result in an accident. Why wait until the very last second to make a decision?

Again, we have no evidence to support the idea that the police officer in this video in any way abused authority, we're just curious as to why the officer reacted in such a way as to force the Tesla off the highway and then continue on.

What's your take on the footage found in the video? It does appear as though the Tesla is moving faster than the surrounding vehicles, so perhaps a speeding ticket could've been issued? Let us know in comments your thoughts on what went down in the video above.

Video description via Omar Little on YouTube:

[USA, CA] Riverside Police abuse of authority on Tesla on Highway 91

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