Ireland experienced an extraordinary month in October, as plug-in electric car share out of overall car sales volume went through the roof, reaching 15%!

Part of the reason is high deliveries of EVs in a slow month, but we are happy to report on such phenomena.

In total, 317 new plug-in cars were registered (three times the number from October 2018), which allowed the YTD amount to hit 4,559 at an average market share of 3.9%.

Plug-in electric car sales in Ireland - October 2019

While there is still no sign of the Tesla Model 3, two other BEVs are racing for the best-selling EV title:

  • Nissan LEAF (most popular EV in 2011-2018) with 54 registrations in October and 1,073 YTD
  • Hyundai Kona Electric with 80 registrations in October and 1,060 YTD

The two have been very close to each other for quite some time this year (see the report from July here), but the momentum seems to be slightly on the Hyundai side. Anyways, Ireland has been in love with LEAF since 2011.



Source: EV Sales Blog

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