This huge Tesla fan and YouTuber claims to be the first to check it out up close and ride in it.

What if you could jump on a plane, travel across the world, and hop in the upcoming car of your dreams? That's precisely what Dan from What's Inside? Family did recently.

Dan was fortunate to be the first YouTuber to head to Japan to check out the newest Mercedes all-electric concept: the Vision EQS. He has had the unique opportunity to enjoy such exclusive situations due to his huge success on YouTube. The interesting part is that his family's massive internet success all started with a simple school project.

As you can see from the video above, there's no doubt it's a gorgeous and futuristic sedan. The fact that Dan fell in love at first sight isn't surprising. However, what will it offer? How much will it cost? Will it ever really come to be ... at least in a form that follows this concept?

Being that Dan has been a Tesla fan and owner for some time and is all about electric vehicles and renewable energy, he's a good candidate to review the Mercedes Vision EQS concept.

Words don't do his car justice, nor do spy shots or images of it sitting on a pedestal at an auto show. Check out the video and you'll understand why.

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Video Description via What's Inside? Family on YouTube:

I Found My Dream Electric Car!

Mercedes Vision EQS is Here! I'm the first YouTuber to ride inside it. This weekend I flew to Japan to Test this concept car out and if the production EQS turns out anything like the Vision, I will have to get it. Such a beautiful car!

Mercedes paid for my travel to see this car but did not guide any talking points for this video, all thoughts are my own.

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