All-electric, dual-motor, all-wheel drive, one gear. These all add up to churn out plenty of horsepower and incredible, instantaneous torque. This is not only something Tesla will tell you about its Model 3 Performance — an essentially all of its cars — but the truth exposed by many who have driven its cars. Randy Pobst joins Tire Rack at the "Streets of Willow Springs" and comes to the same conclusions.

For those unfamiliar with Pobst, he's an American race car driver, motorcycle enthusiast, and test driver and journalist for Motor Trend. The "Streets of Willow Springs" is a super popular 1.6-mile road course in Rosamond, CA. Put the two together, along with a Model 3 wearing Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber, and you've got a scenic and compelling "hot lap" video to enjoy.

What tires do you have on your Tesla Model 3? Do you stick with stock? We'd love to know if you have any tire recommendations for the track, summer, winter, etc. Check out the short video and leave us a comment below.

Video Description via Tire Rack on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Performance Tire Rack Hot Lap

This is the future and it’s bright. The Tesla Model 3 Performance and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires made an impressive showing at the Streets of Willow. Randy Pobst from Motor Trend set out to excite some electrons in this Hot Lap.

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