The damage to the Model 3 was significant and the reckless Toyota driver hit two other cars too.

A reckless, clueless Toyota driver plows right into the back of a brand new Tesla Model 3. Damages will cost $23,000 to repair. The car will take months to fix.

With well under 1,000 miles on its odometer, this new Long Range Tesla Model 3 was basically still factory fresh before this big wreck.

It's not clear to us where the clueless and reckless Toyota driver thinks that he/she is going. There's simply no room to fit in that gap. Regardless, the car keeps on barreling on until it violently collides with the Model 3.

After striking the Model 3, it appears as though the Toyota hits the next two cars on its right as well. You can see some mirrors and debris flying in the images below, which to us seems to indicate that the Toyota hit at least 3 cars:

Gallery: Toyota Smashes Rear Of Tesla Model 3

Ron Hite, the owner of the Tesla seen in the video, tells InsideEVs the following:

This was two weeks ago. My new AWD LR model 3 had 663 miles on it. It was the 4th time I had driven it. It’s now sitting at a body shop and I likely won’t get it back for a couple of months.

So sad that people are so careless and irresponsible. So far, the estimate is $23k and likely to go up.

We've asked Mr. Hite is everyone was okay following the crash and will add a response if we here back.

Video description via YouTube:

This careless driver did over $20,000 in damage to the Model 3.

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