See the action from the viewpoint of a nearby Tesla.

Caught on TeslaCam.

Watch police chase down a car, block it in and then jump into action to quickly apprehend the suspects. See the action from a Tesla's POV.

What doesn't TeslaCam capture? We've now seen it all. Well, almost. From keying, to fist fights, to crashes and road rage, TeslaCam is always on the job to catch the action.

Gallery: Police Arrest Caught On TeslaCam

This newest TeslaCam video presents something we've never seen from a Tesla before. The short clip catches multiple police vehicles closing in on another car. The police then block the car in and spring into action. You can even see the police arrest the individuals (reason unknown) and it's all captured by a nearby Tesla.

It's obvious to us that these offenders committed some sort of serious crime. We make that assumption based on the fact that three police cars are on scene and by how the officers immediately drew their guns and extracted the individuals form the car. There's no messing around here.

This isn't the first time we've seen police caught on camera with a Tesla nearby. If you recall, there was that staged event in which a police officer pulled over a driverless Tesla Model 3. In that instance though, the police were playing along to provide some humorous footage. Later, police intervened in a real smart summon event to provide useful information.

The big difference here is that in the event caught on video above, it's real police work and real action. And it's actually rather exciting to watch it all go down from a very close-up perspective.

Video description via TRW4777 on YouTube:

A front-row seat for a traffic arrest from my TeslaCam

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