Plug-in electric vehicle sales in China slowed down and the decrease is already reflected in distance from the sales forecast.

Thanks to interesting data provided by Moneyball we can take a look at how much the plug-in car sales slowdown affected various New Energy Vehicle manufacturers.

As it turns out, manufacturers entered Q4 with relatively low progress toward targets - after nine months of 2019, they should be close to 75%, but just a few are above 50%:

  • BYD - 45.86%
  • Geely - 55.20%
  • BAIC BJEV - 44.72%
  • JAC - 61.29%
  • GAC - 55.41%
  • Chang' an - 36.31%
  • Xpeng - 32.00%
  • Weima - 10.90%
  • NIO - 30.58%
  • Hozon - 23.40%
  • Leap Motor - 5.10%

Those results might be an indicator of potential upcoming financial troubles (NIO is already there), especially for those with not too deep pockets.

We guess that the world's biggest plug-in market will bounce up, but because of the new big investments from many manufacturers, often previously not that much engaged in Chinese NEVs or all-new startups, the competition will be fierce.


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