We have already heard of serial killers, but not of “serial keyers.” This is what we would call this guy in the video above. Not happy to key just one vehicle, he vandalized five of them, literally in a row.

Unluckily for him, there was a Tesla Model 3 on that line of parked cars. Luckily for the owner, Kellan O’Connor, Sentry Mode was activated, and the police were really fast in arresting the bad guy.

Gallery: How Many Cars Did This Guy Key Besides This Tesla?

Unfortunately, O’Connor does not mention where this happened in his Reddit post. In the video, we can see only three cars, but there were two more in front of the Tesla, according to the Model 3 owner. You can tell that by checking the shadows of the cars on the sidewalk. The way the perpetrator approaches each of the vehicles behind the Tesla also helps.

According to O’Connor, a police officer was at the scene when he got to his car. He was already taking other people’s statements to try to find the “serial keyer.” A kind soul was walking with his two kids, saw the man keying the cars, and immediately called the police.

How Many Cars Did This Guy Key Besides This Tesla?

After O’Connor sent the police officer the footage of the keying, he received the information that the man filmed doing that was already under custody. But that is pretty much all we know.

If you live in the same city, you probably have recognized where this happened. The building on the left of the video, the road signs, all this can eventually help us discovered where this happened.

How Many Cars Did This Guy Key Besides This Tesla?

Another possibility is that you know Kellan O’Connor. In case you do, ask him to get in touch with us, telling more about what happened. Would he be the same person that founded Duro Labs? We would love to say to our readers where it happened, exactly when and who was the bad guy – as we did on the glass-breaking butt story.

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