Suzuki is clearly exploring the possibility to develop and introduce its first plug-in models. At the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the company unveiled a plug-in hybrid concept, the Suzuki WAKU SPO.

It's a cute retro-style small car, full of the latest electronic tech (with a lot of displays) that have won the sympathy of many visitors.

The Japanese manufacturer didn't release any details about the WAKU SPO so we will stop here just to watch the new design trends in live photos and videos.

Gallery: Suzuki WAKU SPO

WAKU SPO: a personal compact PHEV that everyone can share fun and excitement, anywhere, anytime

  • With this one car, the family can share fun and excitement across generations, for daily use as well as for pleasure.
  • Within a compact A segment body, a WAKU WAKU switch is installed to switch its body shape, front mask, and content shown on the dashboard. It proposes a sharable future “small car” that can transform to meet each and everyone’s fun and excitement.
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