Watch this stopped Tesla Model 3 get violently rear-ended at full speed by a car whose driver is clearly not paying attention. The Model 3 is totaled. We assume the other offending car is too.

This is what happens when you don't pay attention to the road ahead. The Model 3 has clearly come to a full stop. Meanwhile, the car behind flies along at full speed without even noticing the stopped Tesla.

Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Rear-End Crash

The result is the total destruction of both cars. This is perhaps the most violent crash we've yet to see from the rear-facing camera on a Tesla. It captures in vivid detail the moment of impact, as well as what occurs after the violent collision takes place.

After the collision takes place, you'll see the offending car (looks to be a Toyota Corolla) lose control and slide sideways before its forward momentum actually carries it to a position in front of the Model 3. You can see just how fast the Toyota was going on impact based on how far it travels in front of the Model 3 before slowing. It's clear to us that the speed here was high. In the process, all sorts of car parts are let loose.

Grab a look at the video and image gallery above to see the wreck in detail.

Video description via on brycedb74 YouTube:

Sept. 24, 2019

My Model 3 getting totaled by a distracted driver.

Warning: May be disturbing to sensitive viewers.

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