The Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) headlight rating is one of two factors that have held the Tesla Model S back from getting top honors from the organization.

After waiting seemingly forever, the IIHS finally released Model 3 crash test results, which reveal that the car is a coveted Top Safety Pick+. A vehicle can't be chosen as a Top Safety Pick+ without the IIHS' top rating of Good for its headlights.

Early on, the IIHS rated the Model 3's headlights as Acceptable, but Tesla upgraded them since then. With the Acceptable rating, the Model 3 could have still obtained the Top Safety Pick status, but without the "Plus" qualifier.

The Fast Lane Car recently published a video that talks about vehicle headlights and how the IIHS comes to its conclusions. TFLcar then provides lists of its best (and) worst vehicles when it comes to headlights. They base the information on data provided by the IIHS. The Model 3 tops the "best" list. If you're interested in learning about the other top contenders or those cars with the worst headlights, check out the video.

It's important to note that some automakers that happen to make cars with the best headlights also make cars with the worst. However, one German automaker succeeds in being the worst overall — Volkswagen.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

These Are The Top 5 New Cars With the Best (and Worst) Headlights!

( ) Which New Cars have the Best and worst headlights? The IIHS has recently started testing headlights and in this video we countdown the top 5 new cars with both the best and worst headlights.

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