This Tesla owner was rear-ended by an older Dodge Caravan, though it's difficult to tell how violent the collision was. Clearly, there must be damage since she's trying to seek out the criminal. Immediately after running into the back of the Tesla, the minivan driver drove away.

Tesla's built-in suite of cameras has proven incredibly advantageous in multiple ways. Initially, the cameras were installed in Tesla vehicles as part of the car's Autopilot self-driving technology. However, more recently, the Silicon Valley automaker used over-the-air software updates to take greater advantage of the cameras.

Now, every Tesla vehicle features a standard dashcam (TeslaCam) that has the ability to record video footage. In addition, Teslas come with a Sentry Mode feature that uses several cameras to record "happenings" around the car. These cameras not only record activity in parking lots, but also while driving.

Tesla's camera technology has proven helpful to owners, police officers, and insurance companies when it comes to identifying criminals. At the time of writing, this recent case has yet to be solved. If you have any information that may help the owner and the authorities, please reach out.

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