It's another Tesla that gets rear-ended by a driver who's not paying attention.

One of the really trick features found on every Tesla vehicle has now become like a watchdog for bad drivers. Or drivers that aren't paying attention.

Imagine having access to video footage from not one, not two, but multiple cameras every time your car is involved in some sort of accident? These videos capture where you got hit, the car that hit you, and any other related circumstances.

Gallery: Van Rear Ends A Tesla

This is something that Tesla now offers as standard in its Model 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles in the form of its TeslaCam and Sentry Mode technologies.

As you can see from the video and gallery above, the newly added rear camera (to TeslaCam) captures this rear-end collision in detail. It seems the full-size van following the Tesla accelerated for no reason and smashed right into the rear of the Tesla.

Though the rear camera does an excellent job of capturing the actual collision, one of the other cameras catches the reaction of a nearby driver to the van hitting the Tesla. The look on his face is a suprised look. See the truck passenger react in the video and image directly below:


But wait, there's more. Down below is a view from the front of the Tesla (it provides you with a feel for how much the Tesla move forward when it got hit) and another angle from the passenger side.

Videos via Jeromie Ocampo on YouTube

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