TeslaCam again captures a wreck. This crash involves a truck that merges directly into a car. It seems the truck driver didn't check the blindspot.

Were it not for the TeslaCam feature on Teslas, we wouldn't be able to see all these examples of poor driving. In this case, it's simply a matter of not looking before changing lanes, but still, it's a reminder to be extra cautious out there while on the road.

As you'll see in the video, there's stopped traffic in the inner lane. A truck that's slowed down in the inner lane attempts to merge into the curb lane, but there's a car there. The trucker driver either didn't check to see if the lane was open or simply didn't see the smaller car driving along in the curb lane.

The result is a truck that merges directly into a car, causing what appears to be some rather minor damage. At least in this instance, it does not appear as though the offending vehicle attempts to flee the scene as we've seen in countless other TeslaCam videos now.


Video description via Ryan Kaylor on YouTube:

My Tesla cam caught an accident between 2 other vehicles while on my way to grab lunch.

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