As you'll notice in the video above, it appears either the Tesla driver's quick attention and veering maneuver or that of Autopilot successfully avoided this potential collision.

The video doesn't give us a clear indication of where the Nissan SUV came from. It's as if it just appears out of nowhere. Instead of making a normal, sweeping left turn out onto the road, the Nissan approaches quickly from an angle, crosses two sets of double yellow lines, and just about drives directly into the Tesla.

The more we see these TeslaCam and Sentry Mode videos, the more we wonder how in the heck people can be so unaware. A car is essentially a weapon. There's a reason they don't let young children or blind people drive.

From the Tesla video footage we've seen, however, it often appears as if people are driving their cars with their eyes closed, or perhaps they're on a death mission, with no consideration for themselves or the safety of others? Maybe this driver was simply texting. Testing while pulling out into traffic! Sadly, we see it all the time.

Situations like this are a good indication that technology like Autopilot and eventual self-driving cars are needed sooner rather than later. Many people just can't be trusted to be behind the wheel of a vehicle without "supervision," even if the supervisor isn't human.

Video Description via Egor Zhelezovskiy on YouTube:

Tesla Cam - Close Call

Tesla cam footage showing a car nearly hitting the side. What are your thoughts on crossing two sets of double-yellow lines?

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