Beware of flying doors. This video captures doors taking flight on the highway. The doors then strike the front of a Tesla Model 3 and damage the car. This surely would provide quite the scare if it occurred to anyone of us while driving down the freeway.

Flying doors? Yes, that's right. As you'll see in the video, some unsecured cargo comes flying out of the back of a truck. That cargo turns out to be some doors. Those doors easily take flight at speed and go airborne.

Moments later, the doors strike and damage a Tesla Model 3. Imagine trying to convince your insurance company that it was indeed flying doors that did the damage. Fortunately, since the Model 3 is equipped with TeslaCam, there's video proof, so your insurer is sure to believe you, despite how wild the cause of the damage might seem.

Video description via Tesla Cam on YouTube:

Tesla Cam makes it easier for insurance companies to believe you.

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