Driving slower and paying attention has a tendency to curb such incidents.

This Tesla Model 3 driver is clearly driving too fast and somewhat erratically when he appears to lose control, hop a curb, plow through the edge of some bushes, and then seemingly make contact with some other obstacles before coming to a stop.

If you listen closely after the Tesla hops the curb and trims the bushes, there are a few small sounds of clanking metal and potential impacts. However, none of it sounds like a major collision. We really have no way of knowing what happened for sure.

The person who shared the video — Dexter Melling — says the driver told him he was using Autopilot. However, it looks a lot more like he was racing. If he was using Autopilot, he needs some education on when, where, and how to use the feature.

If you watch until the end, you'll see a few other cars drive past. Melling is under the impression that the Model 3 driver may have been racing these other cars.

At this point, we really have nothing but speculation and no actual proof of anything. What we can tell you is that unsafe driving choices like this can only lead to incidents that could have been avoided.

Video Description via Dexter Melling on YouTube:

Tesla Crash

Literally just installed cameras at a business a day ago, within an hour caught a Tesla crashing.

Driver stated that he was using "Auto Pilot", the road curves to the left a bit but he kept going straight. Through their yard, side swiping a car, nosing into a ditch and then bouncing onto a cross road. I wish I could get pictures of the end result but am 1,000 miles away.

I have a suspicion that we was racing the cars that came into view at the end of the video.....

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