Watch this TeslaCam video showing a car slam into a truck from the perspective of the rear camera on a Tesla. It happens in a flash, so don't blink or you'll miss it.

It appears as though the driver of the truck thought all lanes were clear, but as the truck proceeds to turn into traffic, it's obvious the truck driver made a bad decision.

Though some traffic appears to be at a stop, not all cars are and not all cars can see the truck attempting to make a left turn into traffic. Out of nowhere, a car that's simply driving down the road strikes the side of the truck.

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The collision appears to be rather violent. Fortunately, neither of the two vehicles roll over. We don't have any information on the conditions of the occupants of either vehicle. We certainly hope everyone is okay and it's videos such as these that show us all how we can be better drivers. Look once, look twice, look again and then carefully proceed.

The simple act of driving is extremely dangerous, so be extra cautious out there.

Video description via Lawrence Chiu on YouTube:

Accident on Jones Rd (near FM1960) Oct 4, 2019

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