September 2019 turns to be the fourth-best month of plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands ever. Better results were seen only in December 2013, December 2015, and December 2016 (all three months preceded fiscal changes/incentives changes).

With a total number of 8,067 new registrations, the growth rate was 281% year-over-year, while market share hit 21%! Both BEVs and PHEVs contributed to the growth (BEVs up 291%, PHEVs up 173%).

After an outstanding September, YTD sales are at 33,655, while the average market share is 10.2% (9.6% BEVs and 0.6% PHEVs).

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – September 2019


Model rank

The September sales were mostly influenced by the record Tesla Model 3 deliveries (5,768 and 13,587 YTD), which accounts for some 71.5% of all plug-ins! Model 3 was the top-selling car for the month, regardless of fuel type.

The previous monthly plug-in record belonged to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which was starting its successful career in Europe with 4,957 registrations in December 2013.

Our attention was caught also by the results for the South Korean duo:


Source: EV Sales Blog

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