Sadly, oftentimes bad driving choices lead to crashes and injuries. Even worse, unsuspecting motorists can end up included in the accident. Thankfully, TeslaCam (Tesla's standard built-in dashcam) and Sentry Mode have come to the rescue on numerous occasions, not just helping Tesla owners, but drivers in general.

Imagine you're driving along, minding your own business. You've even decided to drive in the right lane on the freeway ... the slow lane. This way, you may not have to worry about folks tailgating you and getting irritated about your speed. Plus, you don't have to change lanes when it comes time to exit.

Meanwhile, people in the left lane seem to be in a huge hurry, passing you by one after another. Then, all of a sudden, in your rearview mirror, you see a car racing toward you, seemingly with the intent to squeeze between your car and another car that's apparently not going fast enough in the fast lane.

Judging by the quick look at the front of the "problem" car, it has already seen its days of accidents, so perhaps the driver couldn't care less if there's a bit more damage, so long as he/she can get past these "slow" drivers.

While we have no idea the precise circumstances here, clearly, incidents like this happen all the time. It appears the driver was annoyed that someone was driving too slowly in the left lane. Unfortunately, he/she makes terrible choices and ends up hitting a car that doesn't seem to be involved whatsoever.

What's worse? The car just drives ahead as if nothing happened! We can only hope that the TeslaCam video comes to the rescue once again.

Video Description via The Eternal Shore on YouTube:

Road rage caught on TeslaCam

Caught this incident going south on the Florida Turnpike.


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