According to the first sales reports from Australia for the month of September 2019, Tesla Model 3 made a huge splash since launching several weeks ago.

Unofficial estimates for Model 3 deliveries last month are 1,200, but some suggest that it could be up to around 1,500.

Tesla reportedly delivered more than 2,400 Model 3 on the first three cargo ships. We assume that initial demand is not yet satisfied and great results will continue until the end of 2019.

"The burst of activity that saw even Tesla chair Robyn Denholm helping out with Model 3 deliveries in Sydney last week meant that more than 200 of the electric vehicles were delivered a day in the last few days of the month.

Social media has been full of posts from admiring customers quoting Tesla delivery staff about the pace of deliveries, from up to 70 a day in Brisbane, 400 in five days in Sydney, and similar numbers in Melbourne over the long weekend."


At 1,200, Model 3 would be in top five of best-selling passenger cars and in the top 15 for all types of vehicles (including trucks/SUVs).

It's believed that the Model 3 will overshadow all previous plug-in sales records in Australia.


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