The Tesla Autopilot is a beta program, but it is now on a level that makes it an extra safety feature. We have already shown many crashes it prevented – and how badly people drive. Here’s another example of a save and of poor driving skills.

Gallery: Tesla Autopilot Saves EV from Wandering Toyota Camry On The Road

This Tesla Model 3 was in Houston, Texas. Probably close to the Tesla driver that filmed a BMW being pulled over by the police. This one was just minding its own business when a Toyota Camry decided to change lanes all of a sudden. Not only from right to left, but also crossing a solid line. Into the EV.

An attentive driver would have probably managed to do the same maneuver, but how many are nowadays? Possibly not that much, which makes autonomous cars increasingly more welcome.

This video shows the maneuver in three perspectives the cameras on the Model 3 offer: front, left, and right. The back camera probably did not show that much apart from the sudden side movement.

The most impressive one is the right camera’s perspective. It shows how close the Camry got to the Model 3. It did not hit the obstacles on Sam Houston Tollway for a tiny margin. At 65 mph, it could have been a very ugly accident. Luckily, nothing happened apart from the scary moment registered by the cameras.

Video Description Via Super Tesla On YouTube:

I was driving on Sam Houston toll road going about 65 mph with Autopilot activated when a Toyota car crosses a SOLID LINE into my lane. Autopilot avoided this car by moving to the next lane. Inside the cabin the car felt like it moved a lot more in person. It happened so fast that I don't know if I corrected my Model 3 back into my lane or if it was autopilot.

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