September 2019 was a really hot month for Tesla in the Netherlands, where the Tesla Model 3 was selling like crazy.

New registrations of Model 3 alone amounted to 5,768 last month, which is 15.1% of all passenger cars. That means the Model 3 is #1 among all models. For comparison, the 2nd best model was the Opel Karl (1,755 and 4,6% share).

Sales for the quarter significantly exceed 7,000, while after nine months of 2019, Model 3 stands at #1 with 13,587 new registrations, 4.1% share. The second best-selling model is a small city car, the Volkswagen Polo with 9,684 registrations and 2.9% share.

Sales of Model S and Model X didn't contribute much to the overall result for the brand:

  • Model S: 66 in September and 212 YTD
  • Model X: 66 in September and 192 YTD

In September, Tesla noted 5,890 new registrations at 15.5% market share. After nine months of 2019, the number of registrations is 13,991.

With over 7,500 sales in Q3, the Netherlands did everything possible to help Tesla reach its dream of 100,000 sales globally for the quarter.


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