We'll say something very important right off the bat. Many (most) of today's cars at least offer forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking (AEB). This is because safety and crash-testing organizations expect it and include it in their ratings.

For example, automakers can't get top honors from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) without high ratings for their cars' front crash prevention technology.

With that being said, Tesla and its Autopilot system continue to be under heavy scrutiny and thus get loads of negative coverage by the mainstream media. This is primarily due to the fact that the Silicon Valley automaker is going about its testing in a different way — Beta testing with real-world drivers — than other automakers that are working on self-driving technology.

However, let's note here that you don't need to have or use Tesla Autopilot in order to enjoy the vehicles' primary safety features, such as AEB. With Autopilot on or off, the cars will still attempt to stop on their own in most cases. 

This is another of many videos that we've shared that shows Tesla's safety technology working as it's supposed to. It comes as no surprise that the car has received top safety ratings from all testing organizations thus far. The IIHS gave the car the top rating of Superior for its standard front crash prevention technology, along with designating it as a coveted Top Safety Pick+.

Video Description via wowtah on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 on autopilot - emergency stop with crash

With a fender bender between the 2 cars behind me. As it seems they were okay.

Video was recorded with the Tesla on-board camera's. (fake) audio was added later to help clarify what happened.


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