When Tesla technologies get combined, we may have entertaining videos such as this one. TeslaCam made it while this vehicle was on Smart Summon to pick up its passengers. According to the owner of the car, the video caught for the first time someone that pays attention to the driverless cars. But was the dude really amazed?

Check the video above. The guy you have to have an eye on is the blue Honda Civic driver. When what apparently is a Model 3 heads to the “meeting point,” he appears pushing a shopping cart away from his hatchback.

With other cameras, you see him getting back to his car and not immediately entering it. He seems to be looking around or waiting for someone. Or really amazed that the Model 3 was driving by itself.

When the car approaches its owners, a man is sitting close to flowers at the entrance of Thriftway. Initially, he also seems to be impressed by the driverless car, but, when it passes him, you notice that he was not looking at the vehicle. Apparently, he was just looking in the same direction. We’ll never know for sure.

After watching the whole thing, what do you think that really happened? Was the driver of the Honda Civic actually surprised by the driverless Tesla? Was he just waiting for someone to show up? Or could he just be thinking if he did not forget to buy anything before leaving?

The Tesla Smart Summon will eventually become common, but there are concerns about its safe use. Especially after we had the first accident reported with it. If you are able to use it, do so responsibly, please. 

Video Description Via Garron Crash Haun On YouTube:

While trying Smart Summon the Tesla Cam caught a guy staring at the driverless vehicle!

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