Merging EVs with Bollywood.

SAS Hyundai in Lucknow, India certainly didn't hold back their enthusiasm about delivering the very first Hyundai Kona Electric at the dealership.

Not only did they do a Bollywood-style dance to celebrate the event, but the family that was picking up the Kona Electric also got a couple of dozen roses and a large ceremonial key, although we're not sure exactly what the key was for (key to the city?). Whatever the key meant to signify, it looks like pretty good customer service to us. 

We think it's great that the dealership made such a big deal out of the first Kona Electric delivery, it's a good sign that they are enthusiastically embracing the transition to electric mobility.

However, watching this brought me back to the memory of the infamous Chevy Volt dance that GM organized ten years ago at the 2009 LA Auto show. Many of us there didn't know quite what to say after watching it. How many of you remember this one?

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