Watch this footage of an insane case of road rage where two drivers go back and forth at passing and cutting each other off. Video footage was captured by TeslaCam on a Tesla Model 3.

Per the video description, this nasty road rage incident took place on California Interstate 14. What's even worse is that it happened during rush hour, when the freeway is already quite clogged. The antics of these two drivers no doubt led to even more congestion on the road, not to mention two cars that are dangerously moving about around other vehicles not involved in the road rage incident.

As you'll see in the video, it's not just one offender. Two drivers (and two cars) go back and forth at it for some time. One car cuts the other off and then the other car proceeds to do the same. It's this sort of lunacy on our roads that leads to serious accidents and it needs to stop.

Grab a look at the footage and you'll see just how dangerous this is. There's swerving into other lanes of traffic, slamming on brakes, passing on the shoulder, brake-checking, what appears to be some nudging and possibly even more.

Perhaps we can help identify the offenders and get them off our streets?


Video description via Paris of Alexandria on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Dash Cam Captures Crazy Road Rage Duel on California Interstate 14 During Rush Hour

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