Installations of new 250 kW V3 Superchargers are progressing slowly. The fourth station will be built in Clearwater, Florida

Tesla recently applied for a building permit for a new V3 Supercharging station in Clearwater, Florida, which will be equipped with two 1 MW cabinets and a total of eight 250 kW stalls.

It would be the first V3 Supercharger on the East Coast and one of the first in the country, as progress with V3 rollout hasn't been very fruitful so far.

"Installation of Tesla Charging Station within existing parking lot consisting of (2) TESLA V3 SUPERCHARGER CABINETS, (8) TESLA V3 CHARGE POSTS, (1) MASTER CONTROLLER, (1) SWITCHGEAR ASSEMBLY, and (1) UTILITY TRANSFORMER. Two concrete pads will be poured for equipment."

Upcoming Tesla V3 Supercharge in Clearwater, FL (Source:
Upcoming Tesla V3 Supercharge in Clearwater, FL (Source:

Over several months, Tesla installed V3 Superchargers at just three sites:

Source: Tesla Motors Club via Electrek,

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