"Rouge" rage or "Rogue" rage? Doesn't really matter really.

Funny, this Tesla owner has decided to add music to his/her video shares. Neither TeslaCam nor Sentry Mode offer audio recording, so whatever works right? Not quite sure how the 'Simpsons' theme song fits, however. Anyhow, like many of the videos we've shared lately, this shows Tesla's built-in cameras capturing some "Rogue" rage.

What in the heck is Rogue rage?

Well, sadly, in the video title the YouTuber accidentally refers to it as "Rouge" rage, which would be more like "Red" rage. The title sorta works even with the typo, but it was clearly supposed to be Rogue rage, as in the Nissan Rogue small crossover.

Check out the video of this black Nissan Rogue SUV driver driving like an idiot, darting in and out of traffic, following way too close, and cutting people off. He/she is obviously in some huge hurry, which is ultimately the case with many drivers on the road today.

Not so sure we should really call it road rage, but it's clearly the type of driving that leads to accidents, and if it doesn't, it may easily provoke some road rage for sure.

Let us know about your experiences with lousy, aggressive, dangerous drivers in the comment section below.

Video Description via Omg_Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Cam - Rouge Rage


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