There's really no end to the number of horrible drivers out there. We thought we'd seen and experienced it all before we started covering the onslaught of TeslaCam videos. Now, each week, we see things that disturb us even more.

There are plenty of stupid people out there that make loads of bad choices in life. That's honestly their decision, and there's not a whole lot we can do about it. But, when you make your bad choices on the roads, you put other people's lives at stake.

As you can see from this latest Tesla dashcam video, it appears this idiot driver thought his pickup truck was as agile as a sports car. How about a multi-lane switch at high speeds on the freeway with many other vehicles nearby?

You can clearly tell it didn't work out very well for him. We sort of wish we could see what happened next, however, we can only imagine it wasn't pretty. Perhaps that's why the Tesla owner spared us?

At any rate, we're rooting for tech like Autopilot to improve rapidly, and for self-driving tech to become a reality. We can't get all these bad drivers off the road, but automakers can take more steps to assure our safety.

Video Description via Tesla Sentry Mode on YouTube:

Truck Driver Makes Sudden Left Turn - Tesla Cam

Truck driver crosses over multiple lanes on a freeway.


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