A parked Tesla was hit by a drunk guy. Luckily, the drunk guy wasn't driving another car, but instead walking in a very disoriented manner down the street.

The Tesla Model 3, equipped with Sentry Mode, captured footage of a man attempting to walk down a street. However, the man in the video is clearly incapable of walking even close to straight. Per the video description, the guy "seemed pretty drunk." We agree with this assessment.

The drunk guy eventually plows himself into the parked Model 3, which activates Sentry Mode and sent an alert to the owner of the Tesla. The owner then checked the video footage and, likely much to his/her surprise, found that it was just a drunk in public incident and not a theft, break-in or crash.

It seems there's no end to the unusual footage that's caught on TeslaCam.

Video description via Tesla Cam on YouTube:

Got an alert from Tesla app last night that Sentry mode alert was activated. Checked the sentry mode footage next day to find out that it was just a drunk person who fell on the car.

I feel sorry for the guy , since he seemed pretty drunk 

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