Watch as this speeding Tesla Roadster loses control and goes off the track for a bit before the skilled driver is able to bring it back in line.

It all started back in 2012 with an attempt at driving the Tesla Roadster around the world. Back then, this was no easy feat. Even today, it's not something for the faint of heart.

Flash forward to the present and we see Rafael de Mestre out on a track with his famed world-lapping Roadster. However, just like with his 'round the world trip, which included a crash, this Roadster has some difficulty staying on the road.

The Tesla enters a corner just a bit too hot, but Mestre manages to tame the electric beast quite quickly and thus prevents a crash. It's a skilled but of driving and few could get a car back on course after leaving the pavement, but watch Mestre do precisely that.

Video description via ecogp on YouTube:

Rafael de Mestre speeding with his Tesla Roadster after driving around the world with this car at a race track trying to beat the fastest lap.

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