Autopilot reacted just in time to move a Tesla Model 3 out of the way of a car speeding down the shoulder of the road. Thanks to Autopilot, another crash was avoided.

Though Autopilot isn't perfect, the system has advanced tremendously over the years. Tesla Autopilot is easily the gold standard when it comes to near full self-driving in the automotive field and here's yet another instance in which the system shows its worth.

As the video uploader states, the Honda that's passing traffic on the shoulder nearly hits the Model 3. However, when Autopilot detected the quickly approaching Honda, the system nudged the Model 3 over and out of harm's way.

Per the video description, the Model 3 was actually about to go into the exit lane to get off the highway, but Autopilot intervened as soon as it saw the approaching Honda. The system moved the car slightly left to avoid the crash and then when the lane was clear, Autopilot proceeded with exiting the expressway. It's at this point when the driver reportedly takes over control of the Tesla.

Video description via Tesla Sentry Mode on YouTube:

Location: Route 280 East, exit 9, West Orange, NJ.

The Honda was speeding down the breakdown lane, passing slower traffic, and nearly hits the Model 3.

Tesla swerved left to prevent an accident and then completes the turn into the exit lane. At that point, the driver took back control.

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