If you read InsideEVs on a continual basis, you're probably award of What's Inside Family. The family actually has another, more popular YouTube channel that's simply called What's Inside.

Essentially, they were fortunate that their son's school project launched a massively successful YouTube channel on which they tend to provide quite a bit of solid Tesla coverage. In fact, their success with covering Tesla has also led to them winning a next-gen Roadster via the automaker's referral program. In addition, the family already owns an original Roadster, among other Tesla vehicles.

The family recently sold their home and is in the process of having their dream home built. To say that the new home is absolutely incredible in every way would be a massive understatement. You can click on the link in the video description below to check out many videos that showcase the new home's fascinating details.

This most recent video focuses on the family's new garage. Well, it's not actually just a garage, and it's not their only garage. This particular garage is an RV garage. Basically, it's a separate building reserved for their upcoming Tesla Roadster.

It turns out when you own several Teslas, you not only need enough space to park them all, but it's preferable to have garage space for each one, as well a proper place to charge each car. Check out the video for more information.

Video Description via What's Inside Family on YouTube:

House Update: Our Roadster Garage!

We're building a garage for our Tesla Roadsters! Our dream home is getting closer to being finished! The Brains of our Dream Home: https://youtu.be/UCeJ4e7hc40

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