The Tesla Sentry Mode helps register acts of vandalism and other bizarre stuff, such as a fistfight. So it is nice that every once in ita while it just films something innocent and funny, as a significant act of distraction. Would you ever confuse a Tesla Model 3 for a Hyundai Elantra? This couple would probably say they wouldn’t until it happened with them.

Check the video and see how the man and the woman are talking without even looking at the car. He is the one that first approaches the Tesla Model 3. See how he tries to grab the car handle without managing to do so. Then he looks at the key fob, presses a button, and tries to open the door again.

The woman is looking at her smartphone almost all the time. She goes around the car still looking at something in it, puts it over a disposable lunch box and tries to grab the door handle.

Such situations are fitting opportunities for you to check your conditioned behaviors, such as the way you always open the car door. Each of them has a way to do so. The man tries to open it by pulling the handle from the bottom. The woman attempts to do the same by sliding her hands at the top of the handle. And it is not there.

Distraction Issues: Couple Mistake Tesla Model 3 For Hyundai Elantra

As you are probably aware, all Tesla models have pop-up door handles. They help lower the cars’ air resistance. They also make it more difficult for a thief to try to open the door. Or, as it was the case in this video, make people wonder what is wrong with their Elantra.

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These two people mistake a white Tesla Model 3 for their white Hyundai. Kinda Funny Fail caught on Tesla Cam.

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