A chain of crashes, which started with a pickup truck hitting a Mercedes-Benz, led to the Mercedes spinning out of control and then crashing into Tesla Model 3.

Though the video dates back to July, we just received word of it in our inbox from the Model 3 owner himself.

As the Model 3 owner explains:

Here's my video of a wreck from Austin, TX. A landscaping truck hit a Mercedes which spun into my Model 3. Four car accident and no injuries.

The crash itself is rather scary looking, so we're surprised that nobody was injured. This proves that modern-day cars are very safe. However, the video also shows that drivers often make mistakes or poor decisions.

From viewing the video, it seems the pickup truck driver didn't see the fastly approaching Mercedes-Benz. Either that or the truck driver misjudged the size of the big pickup the end result was that the truck clipped the rear of the Mercedes, which spun it around and into the Model 3. It's not clear from the video which other car was involved in the crash, but our guess is on the vehicle directly behind the Model 3.

Video description via Mitch Fincher on YouTube:

The accident happened on July 3. I'm hoping to get my Model 3 repaired and back by Oct 2.

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