There's a whole lot of damage here.

While the Tesla Model X intends to go straight, a car on the left of it decides to turn right. The result is a crash and the damage is quite severe.

As you watch the video, you'll see that the Model X is in a lane that can either go straight or turn right. The driver of the Model X intends on going straight. However, there's a Honda CR-V a lane to the left that disobeys the sign, which indicates that the CR-V is in a straight-only lane.

This isn't as bad as that Honda CR-V that blows a red light before striking a Tesla quite violently. However, the result is still significant damage. The video shows and claims that the damage to the Model X amounts to some $10,000. With it being a Tesla (and we know repairs often take a long time) the electric SUV is likely out of service fo an estimated6 weeks (per the video).

The Model X owner seems okay with the incident, stating: 

No hate, just an inexperienced driver.

Video description via Tesla Naturecam on YouTube:

Minor accident, $10k in damage.

No hate, just an inexperienced driver.

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